Social Responsibility

As an owner of long life assets critical infrastructure assets, TCQ Power recognises that our actions today have an everlasting impact on future generations. We aim to advance the life situation of generations to come by granting unhindered access to viable power sources, acting as a pillar of economic development by generating direct and indirect job requirements for the local populace.TCQ Power's operational practices are governed by a strict oversight towards the social and environmental impacts of the host nations operating with, whereby:

Measurement and Improvement

We are committed to the ongoing measurement and improvement of our environmental performance. Through an effective risk-based approach, we will proactively predict, manage and where practical, prevent environmental impacts. Further, our strategies will seek to realise the wider business opportunities associated with environmental performance by broadening our focus from pollution prevention to include clean technology and product stewardship.


Through support of formal and informal learning opportunities including training, awareness and communication initiatives, we will drive cultural change to achieve our environmental goals. Engaging our stakeholders We will seek to effectively engage with customers, all levels of government, our environmental regulators, interest groups, and the wider community on environmental matters. 


TCQ power's actions move beyond local legislative requirements, working alongside our customers and other stakeholders to identify enterprising solutions to existing environmental risks and act prudently when risks are unclear.


We believe climate change presents the single greatest environmental challenge to fulfilling our commitment to future generations. As such we oblige ourselves to achieve a sustained reduction in greenhouse gas emissions while achieving sustainable growth in our business, which we shall achieve through:

  • Publicly define and achieve targets to reduce our greenhouse footprint and move beyond compliance; 
  • Empowering our customers to make more sustainable power choices; 
  • Work with our shareholders to shape and define market-based and policy mechanisms for responding to climate change.