Service Offering

As a turnkey solution provider, we offer clients our unique expertise at the infancy stage of a projects’ conceptualization thus safeguarding investment choices by developing sustainable technical solutions for the respective authorities, that are paramount to handover success.

Power generation solutions

  • Greenfield project solutions: Development of both temporary and permanent power solutions on a Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT) basis.
  • Brownfield project solutions: Developed through our expertise in assessing performances of existing and future assets coupled with a measured implementation of optimized project refurbishment plans through capital investments as needed.

Power solutions are offered to Clients while taking into consideration a varied spectrum of product possibilities, ranging from Thermal, Gas Fired, and Hybrid to Renewable Energy Plants. Options are weighed while considering the fuel requirements applicable to each type of plant in an effort to deliver the most cost-effective and environmentally- friendly generation on a case-by-case basis.

Power distribution solutions

All our tailored solutions provide opportunities to Governments to advance traditional power systems in both technology and regulation to accelerate electrification timeframes, improves service delivery, minimizes costs and improve environmental emissions. Some solutions include:

  • Smart Grid solutions (including mini-grids)
  • Transmission and substation design
  • Distribution system design
  • Demand-side load management
  • Billing and collection schemes
  • Information systems architecture