Investment Approach

TCQ power aims to form early public-private partnership agreements or independent power producer (ipp) agreements through implementing best practices and developing the most suitable form of partnership agreement for the desired power solution.

Project Identification

  • Opportunities are identified by assessing Sector wide information and projecting potential Client requirements
  • Communication is initiated with Governmental Authorities and host nation visits planned

Due Diligence

Liaise with Government Authorities and Industry players for the collection of market information
Local Counsel is engaged and an understanding of the legislative requirements are clarified

Project Conceptualization

  • Analyze the market information to develop an informed understanding of Industry limitations and deficiencies
  • Technical consultants are engaged, and catering to the Industry deficiency power generation or distribution solutions are conceptualized

Project Analysis

Financial consultants are engaged to develop project specific financial analysis
Legal consultants are engaged to structuring the required form of partnership agreement
Risk/reward analysis is developed to provide guidance for the investment decision

Pre-development Activities

  • Submittal of a formal proposal to Governmental Authorities
  • Following agreement between both parties, a Memorandum of Understanding is entered into formalizing the official initiation of a projects development

Project Structuring

  • Technical, environmental and design consultants are engaged for the delivery on technical requirements
  • Financial and consultants are identified for the formulation of risk mitigation, insurance and taxation requirements

Legal Structuring

  • Legal consultants are engaged for the formulation of fully fledged project agreements with the host nation
  • Project Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV‘s) are entered into incorporation
  • Project agreements are entered into effect between the project SPV‘s and the host nation

Development Activities

  • Equity finance requirements are identified, strategic co-developers may be engaged as required
  • Debt finance requirements are identified, lead debt Arranger is appointed
  • Collection risk mitigation strategies are formulated and the necessary guarantees are structured amongst the SPV, lead arranger and host nation

Project Bankability & Investment Realization

  • Project financing requirements are met with the successful completion of the different development phase work streams
  • Access to debt finance is achieved through the successful completion of lead arranger conditions precedent